learning the joy of gardening

The chore of yard maintenance is stealing the joy of gardening from me. Maybe I’m not a gardener at heart? Or is the lesson to focus on what brings joy? I always saw myself picking beautiful bouquets from the garden, and sharing the abundance from a successful tomato harvest would be great. No one dreams of tilling the soil or a day digging out a bad weed infestation.

I don’t find joy in housework, but it must be done. Likewise, cleaning up the garden and preparing it for the upcoming flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and foliage is just part of the job. Dust happens inside a house, and weeds are a part of having a garden and yard.

A Gardener’s Heart

The Reddit discussion about enjoying weeding focuses on getting to know your soil and understanding the weeds in your garden. I take solace in knowing that others don’t want this chore either, and it is comforting to learn how other gardeners focus on different aspects of the garden while weeding.

Discover your fascination with gardening
Children enjoy a natural curiosity — including gardening.

Weeding is a necessary part of gardening. It allows me to evaluate my soil’s health and inspect existing plants.

  • My gardenia is developing sooty mildew,
  • the hydrangea is infested with new asparagus fern shoots,
  • and the pineapples don’t have enough water
  • Deadline 3 days: We must stop applying fertilizer as of June 1

I stopped hating the weeding process when I stopped wishing everything was complete. Your garden will never be complete or finished. It constantly evolves, and there is, and will always be, something to do in the garden.

Setting Up the Gardening Calendar

Removing the stress and discovering the joy of gardening requires some planning. In my area, the government prohibits the application of fertilizer between June 1 and September 30 to avoid algae growth in our waterways. I must complete the second lawn fertilizer application to revive my lawn.

The weatherman forecasts our Memorial Day temperature will be 97. It’s not even officially summer yet. To adapt to excessive heat, I usually start yard work when the sun rises and conclude those efforts before 10 a.m. I’ll apply the fertilizer, weed control, or fungus sprays at dusk. You can’t plant or weed during the day without risking health problems.

A weekly garden inspection will reveal any chronic issues with pests, fungus, or infections. I’m looking for changes in the foliage, such as chewed leaves, mildew or fungus on leaves, or leaves that curl and brown. An infestation of pests or fungi can strip a plant in days.

I watch many videos and read many blogs looking for the best recipes for protecting plants. Garden Gate Magazine Online often shares helpful home tips for maintaining landscape plants using everyday kitchen items.

I don’t like using harsh chemicals when landscape soap or Mother Nature will take care of the problem. But sometimes, a copper fungicide or a pesticide is required. The only way to learn when to beef up landscape protection is by fighting some of these battles firsthand.

Help from other garden enthusiasts is always available on Facebook, Instagram, and the internet. So now you can find your joy of gardening with less fear of failure.

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