10 reasons you need to grow an herb garden

You are growing an herb garden offer massive nutritional and health benefits. Do you still need to be convinced you should develop a garden? Here are my top 10 reasons for you to grow your herbs.

1. Physical health benefits.

Adding herbs to your diet may help ward off heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These leafy flavor bombs have anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce developing blood clots and tumors. Gingko is usually associated with memory and focus. But extracts from Ginko leaves are also used to treat asthma, bronchitis, fatigue. Medical professionals recommend milk thistle to treat mild illnesses associated with the liver. Valerian is a common addition to commercial sleep aids.

2. Mood enhancers.

Most herbs are very fragrant. Perfumeries use fresh herbs like lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, and cloves to complement other spices and florals. Like flowers, the aromatic leaves impact mood and reduce anxiety when they are cut fresh from the garden. Gardeners are outside in the fresh air, where they get a Vitamin D boost. More than 20 different studies during the pandemic pointed to a link between vitamin D deficiency and severe Covid-19 infection. More than 40 percent of the US population has low vitamin D levels. And while Vitamin D won’t prevent you from getting a Covid disease, it is believed higher vitamin D levels are beneficial in recovery.

3. Herbs do not require much space.

Growing herbs is easy. Planting an herb garden doesn’t require special tools, and it won’t require you have acres of space. Most gardeners will pick 3 to 10 herb varieties and be ecstatic with the abundance of new flavors. You can grow herbs in pots, window boxes, or in the fields, and it will be enough. Plus, you won’t need to dedicate hours to maintaining the herb garden because you grow herbs in a small space.

4. Fresh flavors for your food and drinks.

You can shake things up with your friends by hosting a herb-inspired cocktail party. Fresh herbs taste much brighter than dried herbs. You can replace store-bought dried herbs in most recipes by adding 2x the amount of fresh. An abundance of fresh herbs is never a problem. They are an excellent addition tossed with salads, ground in pesto, and sauces and toppings.

5. An inexpensive new hobby that’s exciting.

Gardening doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and herb gardening can be extremely inexpensive. Most herbs are quickly grown from seed. A small investment makes a big difference in the herb garden.

6. Enhance curb appeal.

Neatness counts when you get ready to sell your home. An herb garden tends to be clean and controlled by design. Most herb gardens don’t grow too quickly, so they tend to stay compact and neat.

7. Expand your culinary palate.

My doctor told me recently to cut out extra salt in my diet. Adding more herbs was the easiest way to boost flavor and reduce extra salt. Different cultures use the same herb but create completely different tastes. Mexican cuisine combines the citrusy taste of cilantro with cumin and hot peppers, and Indian cuisine pairs cilantro with the warmth of cinnamon and cloves. The same herb garden you used to make tomato sauce can also deliver another cuisine.

8. Make new friends by gifting and trading.

Share the bounty is a gardening mantra. All gardeners know that you end up with more than you can use at some point. Share your bonus herbs with friends and neighbors. It is easy to dry extra herbs and put the dried leaves in small jars and containers as gifts. Most neighbors will happily welcome bouquets of herbs to try, especially any of the most popular blends — basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender.

9. Mother Nature’s pest control

Herbs are an excellent way to keep pests away from other ornamental bushes. The aromatic scents of herbs that add so much to recipes can keep problems and bugs out of the vegetable garden.

10. Save a LOT of money.

Fresh herbs are an expensive grocery item. Most of us will not use the entire package of herbs before they spoil. Growing herbs will save you the cost of seeds or plants many times over.

Are you convinced? Early Spring is the best time to plant herbs outside. They need 6-10 hours of moderate sun to thrive and mild temperatures. Now is the time to include an herb garden in your Spring plans.

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