Groundhog Day 2022

It isn’t likely Florida will experience six more weeks of winter regardless of Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil, the most celebrated Groundhog Day official, has his one day of fame today. But southern gardeners are pushing to get their plants started from seed now and into the ground before mid-March. History shows we should expect 90-degree days to start in April.

But Pennsylvania’s groundhog weatherman did see his shadow and, as the legend goes, most of the country will see another six weeks of winter. Six weeks will go by quickly if you are planning and designing your gardens for spring in the northern regions of the United States.

Many of the seed companies are already selling out of the common vegetable, flower, and herb blend packets.

The Legend of the Groundhog.

The groundhog belongs to the family of large ground squirrels known as marmots. The legend is if the groundhog comes out of its winter home and sees its shadow, winter will continue for six more weeks.

In reality, groundhogs, also called woodchucks in some parts of the country, are true hibernators. They fatten up during summer and fall with reserves to carry them through the winter hibernation. Those reserves begin to dwindle in early February, and they typically wake to search for food around this time. If they fail to find food in new growth on ground cover, they retreat to the den and go back to sleep.

Every gardener knows the end of winter will eventually come. The time to start those designs and purchase the seeds and plants is now.

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