Florida weeds grow big in summer from abundant rain and hot weather.

The summer is my least favorite gardening season because Florida weed control is almost impossible. It rains every day, and it is hot! Everything grows well, including weeds and fungus.

I’d have Texas-sized weeds, which means really big if I let them grow unchecked. Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate weeds is to pull them meticulously at the roots. I do spray a vegetation killer. But the over-the-counter sprays and concentrates cannot discriminate between plants and weeds. You’re bound to kill something unintentionally while fighting the battle with the Florida weed crop.

Pulling weeds is part of gardening. It’s one of those necessary steps toward having a beautiful landscape. My yard is a typical half-acre plot, and I’ll easily spend five or six hours out in the garden beds every week trying to keep these weeds under control.

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The best tools for Florida weed control

A garden kneeler

garden kneeler makes Florida weed control easier

Weeding in the garden daily is hard work and stressful on joints, no matter your age. This bench is a seat that brings your body closer to the ground for weeding and saves a lot of strain on your back. It’s also a way to kneel near the ground as a kneeler when you flip it over. The seat legs become handles that improve mobility for older gardeners and add leverage for standing back up.

Protective garden gloves

COOLJOB garden gloves are reinforced with rubber coating to protect from thorns and bites.

These garden gloves by COOLJOB are breathable knit with rubber-protected palms and fingers. Air circulates through the tops to keep your hands comfortable. The palm coating protects you from thorns, bites, and cuts. The protective coating adds protection, but the gloves remain flexible enough to allow you to pick up tools easily.

Getting the weed and its root is paramount to getting rid of weeds today and eradicating them permanently.

Quality Gardening Shears

Felco 2 Bilateral Garden Shears are a blessing in the garden for weed control.

These are the last garden pruning shears you’ll need to buy! One look at the Felco 2 reviews on Amazon demonstrates the quality of these pruners. Gardeners love them! Each pair has a limited lifetime warranty, and all parts are replaceable. They disassemble easily for cleaning and sharpening. They are lightweight and comfortable. Yes, they are expensive — but they are worth it!

Weeds can be removed easily when they are young seedlings. Controlling older established “volunteer” trees at the base may be the only way to keep them under control if they’re rooted in hedges or established landscapes.

A garden pump sprayer

I recommend buying one garden sprayer you dedicate to spraying a vegetation killer like Round Up or Ortho Ground Clear. The primary ingredient in most vegetation killers isopropylamine salt of glyphosate. That will kill virtually all plant life, so be discriminant and spray lightly around plants you want to keep in the garden.

Do not be tempted to splurge on the fancy battery-powered sprayers here. They are excellent and work great. But for this purpose (vegetation killer) we want the cheap, old-school sprayer that you can pick up at the big box store for less than $20.00. Don’t use the same sprayer for treatments and fertilizer that you use for weed control poisons.

Collapsible garbage can

I bought this collapsible garbage can with a reinforced bottom for my weeding chores. It weighs 6 1/2 pounds when empty and is a manageable 23 inches by 2 1/2 inches tall. It sits 28 1/2 inches tall when expanded, and the 22-inch wide opening accommodates anything I would typically bag for yard waste. I use a contractor bag or the biodegradable paper bags the county picks up when pulling weeds or cutting down those baby oak trees. I pick up leaves in Fall for my composite bin. I’ve even put an ordinary garbage bag in it for trash at family picnics. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!”

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