fairy light and bottle design

Adding fairy lights to an old Jack Daniels bottle adds a pretty glow to the porch area. I found an effortless way to add lights to my patio while planning my low voltage lighting design for the backyard.

I emptied a few wine and spirit bottles during the 2-year Covid-19 lockdown to use in this project. I used these bottles in an easy craft project instead of throwing them into the recycling bin.

Four steps to light.

Battery-powered Fairy lights are popular during the holidays. However, you can use string lights in multi-color, like mine, warm or cool white to create interesting lighting for outdoor gatherings.

Don’t put those fairy lights away just because Christmas and New Year’s are over. These inexpensive light strings can still add a colorful glow to outdoor events. Amazon sells a variety of fairy lights. These particular strings come attached to a battery box that doubles as a cork for bottles.

My fairy lights cost $0.83 each in a box of 30, and they each arrived with three extra batteries. Each light string is 6-foot in length. It is long enough to fill a bottle or vase quickly. The lights are already attached to the plastic switch and battery box. All I did was unwind the lights, remove the plastic tab to engage the battery, turn the switch on, and insert them into a clean bottle.

Step 1: Remove the bottle label with hot water. If you have any glue residue, a little dishwashing soap or essential oils will dissolve it.

Step 2: Let the bottle dry completely.

Step 3: Insert the lights into the bottle. It worked best for me to completely straighten the wire and then insert it into the bottle. The result was more natural and filled the bottle.

Step 4: I added a rubber washer you use on a garden hose to the bottle opening to make it watertight. Insert the lights and set the plastic cork at the bottle opening. Then cover the bottle top with a small floor protector for chairs to seal the top of the bottle. I can leave these bottles on the outside table overnight without worrying they will get wet.

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