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The latest expandable hose craze should be every gardener’s dream. I personally wrestled with a 100-foot traditional garden hose that kinks every day until I broke down and bought a Magic Bulletâ„¢ hose.

Traditional garden hoses are heavy, difficult to maneuver and get kinks that stop the water flow. They can be a deterrent to daily watering for even the most devout gardener.

The Expandable Hose Education

My first lightweight hose was a flexible metal hose. It was wrapped in steel, UV resistant, and guaranteed not to leak. Unfortunately, it had such bad water pressure that watering nozzles didn’t even work. I could use this for watering plants, but it definitely wouldn’t be able to spray off my driveway or decks. I learned via the internet that these metal hoses never have strong pressure. So while they are pretty indestructible they are also pretty useless.

fabric-wrapped expandable hose

I bought this 50-foot expandable hose at the local garden center. The $15.00 price tag was about as much as I wanted to spend on a hose I was sure would fail me instantly. This hose is super lightweight, the water pressure is great, and it expands and contracts quickly. I still own this after 3 years and it still works. But the plastic connectors are wearing and I’m pretty sure the ends will crack if I stepped on it or run over it with the lawn cart.

My next purchase was the Silver Bulletâ„¢ which is sold by Richard Karn, aka Al Borland from Home Improvement. I bought the 100-foot model last year. True to the advertising, this model was light, never kinked, expanded quickly, and was practically indestructible. Notice I said practically. I connected it to an electric pressure washer to clean my pool deck and it burst in several places. I honestly don’t want to give it a poor review here because for over a year it was my favorite garden hose. But lesson learned, don’t connect it to any high-pressure devices.

The Expandable Hose You Should Buy

I’ve determined that the life expectancy of these flexible hoses is about a year. My typical rubber garden hose would last several years, but even it will rot in the Florida sun and eventually leak. The expandable hoses usually will develop a leak where the connectors join the rubber. But to prolong the life of this hose follow best practices of always draining it and putting it away after use. It doesn’t take but a few minutes for the water to drain away and because they are light they are easily rolled up.

My personal favorite is the TruTec Garden Hose. Its heavy nylon outer cover resists snagging on bricks and patio edges and the brass connector includes an on/off valve. A few months into our relationship and we are still not experiencing any leaks. There is enough pressure to water plants, rinse dirt off the deck, and even wash a car. The latex liner feels slightly stronger than other hoses I’ve tried, but is still easy to maneuver around my yard and weighs less than 5 pounds.

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