Best backyard home composters 2022
the best composters of 2022
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This list identifies my personal favorites for the best home composters of 2022. They are not glamorous, but composters are indispensable to the home gardener. No region can lay claim to ideal soil composition, but using compost can improve the quality of any garden.

Choosing a good unit can make composting much easier. I began composting when I calculated that recycling food scraps and yard waste could save me $4,000 a year. My house lot isn’t huge by American standards. I live on a standard one-third acre, but I do have a lot of gardens and raised beds for flowers and vegetables. I improved the health and viability of my plants and reduced the waste at the local landfill.

Composting is the process of recycling yard waste and food scraps into fertilizer. Following a simple recipe, adding water, and keeping the temperature between 135℉ and 160℉ until it’s ready for use, is the recipe for success. The standard compost “recipe” is bulked up with carbon-rich materials to generate enough heat for composting, even in cooler climates.

Check my guide and suggestions for planning your garden.

My best home composters requirements.

  1. Built to last. A durable composter will withstand frequent tumbling or stiring. I almost gave up when my first model split along the side after only two months. Another metal unit leaked liquid along the door and omitted a horrible smell that attracted racoons
  2. Insulated to retain heat. Retaining heat in Florida from April to November just isn’t a problem. The heavy plastic barrel works fine for me. However, heat retention is critical if you live in an area where the temperature rarely gets above 80 ℉. Low temperature can extend the development cycles by months.
  3. Easy to Access/Empty. In my garden I am bending over weeding, planting, or digging all the time. A composter that is elevated is easier on the back, but most important is being able to access compost through either a wide ground-level door or inverted to dump into a wagon.

BONUS: Two-stage units that are composting on one side and allow you to remove finished compost on the other.

Joraform Compost Tumbler JK 125

Joraform composters are built for a lifetime.

✓106-gallon capacity
✓Two-stage capable
✓Foam insulation to retain heat
✓Raised for easy tumbling

✓Easy Empty into any pot or wagon
✓Rodent/Pest resistant
✓Steel construction for long sustainability

❌Difficult assembly
❌May leak between baffles

The perfect unit for a family. The JK 125 will generate 13-21 gallons of compost every week all year long. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

A two-section composters guarantee compost is available all the time.

Exaco ThermoKing 900-NP Thermo King Compost Bin

large insulated composter with easy access.

✓Huge capacity — 240 gallons
✓Thermolen plastics 4mm thick
✓Best for cooler climates

✓Easy Empty two ground access doors
✓Rodent/Pest resistant
✓Large top opening with wind “locks”

✓Easy to assemble
✓Snap together construction. No tools.

❌Large size, requires 4x4x4 feet

The 900-NP isn’t a dual-chamber bin, but it is ideal for a large family or a passionate composter like me. It takes up a larger area but consistently produces compost. Dual doors at the bottom for easy withdrawal.

Riverstone Dual Chamber, Two-Stage Tumbler Composter

Two-stage composter. Always have usable compost.

✓65-gallon capacity
✓Large easy to empty compartment doors
✓Easy turn ratcheted arm
✓Ships with an easy transfer cart

✓Zinc-coated rust-resistant frame
✓Rodent/Pest resistant
✓Clearance for the cart to park beneath

❌Assembly may require two people

The ideal start-up compost bin is easy to use and breaks down media quickly. It is easy to get started and works fast.

VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Composter

Two-chamber composter with small doors can be difficult to empty.

✓43-gallon capacity small footprint
✓Adjustable air vents help decomposition

✓Rodent/animal resistant

✓Amazon bestseller (4000+ reviews)

❌Smaller doors are difficult to empty

While not my favorite dual-chamber unit, this compost bin is the most cost-effective. Great beginners bin for small households or couples.

Miracle-Gro Easy-Turn Dual-Chamber Outdoor Composter

Miracle Gro currently has the only independent tumble design.

✓Easy to manage 37-gallon capacity
✓Large easy to empty compartment doors
✓Independent tumble design
✓Locking grid for worry-free access

✓Tumbler bars break down compost fast
✓Rodent/Pest resistant lids

✓Easy to assemble

❌Large yard? Get the larger model.

The independent tumbling/locking containers make it easy to dispense compost either by shovel or by hand trowel. Sliding doors are pest/rodent resistant. UV-protected plastic and alloy steel construction.

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