Waterproof Edison Outdoor Lights

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Waterproof Edison Outdoor Lights

The Addlon professional shatterproof and waterproof Edison Light String brings a high-end bright light to a backyard for years with 15 reliable, led bulbs that are beautiful and practical.

These commercial-grade lights became popular with restaurants for outdoor seating and the same quality is now available for home patios and backyard use. A standard string is 48 feet long of E26 lights spaced 3 feet apart. You can link up to 30 light strands together using standard 110v household electricity. The 18w bulbs are dimmer compatible to set the exact mood you want for a party or a movie night under the stars.

Outdoor lights add ambiance to every event and these strings are 100% waterproof. Since they run on household electricity, these lights can hang safely on porches, patios, bushes, and even indoors. Each LED bulb uses just 2 watts of power. They won't overheat or get hot to burn small hands. They can hang them from a pergola or trees using hooks or even attach to the house or deck rails using Command strip hooks.

The commercial-grade light strand is heavy-duty and flexible. You can leave these string lights on display all year round and expect them to last several seasons. Such a wonderful way to light up your outdoor areas.

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