double-walled party glasses

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Strata Double-Walled Party Glasses

Strata double-walled party glasses are perfect for backyard events. Party guests can easily keep track of their drinks all night based on the unique color lids. The insulated double-walled body keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. I tried using Solo, styrofoam, and even Dixie cups, and I always ended up with hundreds of cups in the trash when guests couldn't find their drinks and started fresh.

These pretty reusable glasses are part of my regular party plans all summer long.

How I use these plastic cups

I bought two sets of these glasses, and the issue was solved. There are 12 cups with different jewel-tone lids in each package, 12 reusable straws, 12 washable name tags, and a straw brush cleaner. If someone needs to change from beer to soda, I rinse out the glass, and they are free to choose another type of beverage.

The double-insulated plastic keeps beverages cold or hot for most of the night. Plastic glasses are safer than glass. There is no glass to clean up if one gets knocked off the table or tips over by the pool.

How to care for these reusable party glasses

The manufacturer recommends hand washing these tumblers. The drying cycle in most dishwashers is ultimately the downfall of most reusable tumblers. I wash all insulated tumblers by hand because the insulated bonding will break with too much heat. However, the lids are top-shelf safe in my dishwasher. Generally, hand washing is not a big chore. Each package comes with a brush specifically designed to clean the straws. A soft sponge makes quick work of cleaning the tumbler body.

Compare double-walled party glasses vs. Red Solo Cup

Let's get down to dollars and cents -- literally.

The best price I found near me on Red Solo cups was a 50-count pack for $4.49. That breaks down to nine cents per use.

Strata plastic tumblers cost approximately $55 before any discounts or coupons. That breaks down to $4.58 per reusable cup. I also get to feel good about the environmental impact.

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