PoolRX clears pool algae.

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Prevent algae with PoolRX

I found the most cost effective way to remove algae from my pool! I'd never heard of PoolRX, and my local pool store doesn't stock it. My 20,000-gallon pool was resurfaced last summer, and since then I've fought weekly with green algae. The algae problem probably resulted from the many 95+ degree days we experienced between May and September. This year I was literally dumping the very popular yellow bottled brand of algae preventative as a maintenance additive to prevent algae. Every week I'd brush the sides of the pool and a small film of green would brush away. It was very frustrating.

The Answer to Eliminating Green Pools

I stumbled on PoolRX+ on Amazon one weekend, and as I read all the positive reviews from pool owners it did seem to good to be true. The Florida pool season can run from late March until December. I was using a bottle of the "yellow" brand product every two months, and at $40 a bottle I realized my annual cost would quickly exceed the expense of two PoolRx units. I asked my neighbors with pools if they'd heard of this treatment. No one had tried it. I asked my local pool professionals about this cartridge and they told me they weren't familiar with how it worked. How was it that none of my the people I knew with pools used this product? It has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. After spending almost $120 on algaecides, I decided to give this a try. I purchased the blue PoolRX cartridge on July 1. The directions indicated I needed to let the yellow bottled algae preventative run its course before adding this to my system. A week later I dropped the cartridge into my pool filter basket near the pump. The instructions say you can use it in the skimmer basket or the filter pump.

The 90 day test begins.

I was skeptical at first. My water tests all showed good water composition. I feared PoolRX would cause the metals to go off the charts or set off a chain reaction that led to other chemical problems. Some reviews pointed to high copper and metal tests when they started using the product. But often I'd read they broke and crumbled the mineral column or didn't follow the directions. My test kit included one single cartridge recommended for in-ground pools up to 20,000 gallons. I did not add the "booster" or buy the unit for stubborn algae. This was a test run and I wanted to be absolutely true to the instructions. It's important to buy the correct dosage for your pool and use it exactly as recommended. The black cartridge is available for pools larger than 20,000 gallons, and a double blue encasement is recommended for stubborn algae.

During week #1 I checked the pool filter pressure and chemicals almost daily. That proved to be unnecessary. My filter basket is smaller than those shown in the advertisements. I did a full filter backwash the week I added the cartridge. We experienced an Oak pollen outbreak in late July. I cleaned the skimmer and filter baskets more often, and I worried the filter would be overwhelmed with pollen dirt. But that didn't happen and the pressure remained around 12 psi. I won't backwash the DE filter until the pressure gets up around 20 psi.

I committed to adding exactly the same amount of stabilizer and chlorine to the pool for the first 30 days. When the pool water was professionally tested in early August the chlorine and stabilizer were literally off the charts. Metals, alkalinity, PH all remained in balance. The pool company advised me to reduce chlorine by half and only add one stabilizer tablet a week. We were back in balance at the end of the month with half the weekly chemicals.

I left town for 12 days this month and came back to a perfectly blue pool! Amazing.

I'm happy to report there are still no algae problems as I approach 90 days!

Fewer chemicals needed

There are other surprising benefits to using this method to prevent algae. My water composition tests are still balanced. I am using fewer stabilizer tablets every week. I typically would use 5 tablets every week in the floater, and now I'm actually only loading two tablets per week. I also cut my liquid chlorine needs in half during the hottest part of the summer. I can add just one 2.5 gallon liquid chlorine bottle each week and remain in balance. My chemical cost savings by lowering the stabilizer and chlorine. plus eliminating any other algae treatment is already saving $29.42 per week. I can offset the expense of the PoolRX 6-month cartridge in just two weeks!

The water temperature this summer remained constant around 86 degrees in my pool. That is the perfect temperature to bloom algae if your pool isn't properly maintained. But PoolRX prevented all signs of algae growth.

Follow the directions to success

The manufacturer states that one cartridge should keep the pool free from algae for six months. After 3 months the cartridge looks almost new. My filter pressure remained steady throughout the test, and I was even able to dial back the filter schedule by an hour daily. I expect this cartridge to last until December (the 6-month point) and I will then replace it with a new cartridge.

The finish on the pool shows no wear or stains, and the tiles don't have any scale. I can't say enough good things about PoolRx. If you try it be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for your pool capacity. PoolRX is available for residential and commercial in-ground pools, and spas.

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