peaceful waters lit tabletop fountain

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Enjoying the Peaceful Patio Water Fountain Sounds

Stress doesn't need to be part of installing a patio water fountain. That peaceful sound of running water can be yours with a smaller tabletop unit, and installation is easy; just fill it with water and plug it in.

This Zen 5-tier fountain looks like stacked stone bowls, but weighs just 5.5 pounds. It is 13 inches tall, and the base unit is about the size of a table lamp and will easily fit onto a small table or plant stand. As water cascades from one bowl to the next, it makes soft waterfall sounds like you'd hear in nature.

This water feature includes an LED light for evening viewing to add ambiance to the soothing sounds of water flowing on the patio or deck.

In a semi-enclosed porch or patio, you can add essential oils to the water for a fresh scent. The tabletop fountain comes with its dedicated power supply, water pump, and is fully assembled. Just add water!

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