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Best Waterproof Outdoor TV Protective Cover

Buying your outdoor television brings up images of hosting friends for movies, game nights, Super Bowl parties, and unlimited social events. We've got the ideal canvas case to waterproof and weatherproof the outdoor patio TV. This high-quality cover provides 360-degree protection from water, weather, or flying debris. A heavy Oxford material is waterproofed on the surface and lined with a super-soft felted fabric that will not scratch any TV screen. The pouch easily accommodates most TVs with screen sizes 40 to 85 inches. The front flap is quickly rolled up and secured for fast viewing. There is even a hidden remote pocket in the rear to keep all the equipment together and safe. The great design of this enclosure allows the cover to be slipped over wall-mounted screens or used with any stand. It is perfect for keeping the entertainment going.

A patio television creates the perfect opportunity for family movie night or backyard football viewing. The idea of having a tv mounted outside on the patio is attractive in areas where the weather accommodates several months of outdoor activities. Men are the target audience for most outdoor kitchens. But I am a single woman with a grill and patio area. I think an evening of movies or Olympic viewing will appeal to my friends.

The problem with outdoor televisions is the fun ends when the TV becomes damaged by water or scratched when tree leaves and limbs fall. Your concerns can be alleviated with a television cover with seals and pockets to protect everything. High-quality hook and loop velcro securely fasten the front flap down over the screen when not in use. You will not need to remove the cover for viewing because the front panel retracts back. Soft gray fabric does not distract from the picture viewing and easily blends with everyone's outdoor decor.

The ideal TV cover for your outdoor space is a small investment to protect the entertainment value.

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