Grow bag container garden

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Grow Bags are in the End of Summer Sale

Grow bags are a fabulous way of creating a patio vegetable garden. These durable pots are a non-woven fabric that is moderately permeable to allow plant roots to breathe and excess water to escape.

These durable bags can be used for many years and are 30% more affordable now! They have more than 50,000 reviews, and 80% are five stars!

I love the idea of grow bags because they are cost-effective and portable. These 25-gallon bags have strong handles if you need to move your plants and are the perfect size for growing vegetables.
You can purchase grow bags in smaller sizes for herbs or larger bags to grow patio citrus trees.

Grow bags are the perfect complement to our self-watering planter to complete the victory vegetable garden plan.

Get them while they're on sale!

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