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Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates for Easy Entertaining

Using eco-friendly disposable plates at your next backyard party is an Earth-friendly alternative to paper plates and plastic serve ware. Finally, a disposable container that goes in the compost bin instead of the landfill. These natural alternatives are solid and attractive enough for any backyard dinner.

The disposable dishes made entertaining in my backyard much more fun.

I love these plates made from palm leaf fibers, and I use these anytime I invite more than ten people for a backyard dinner. Dishes and utensils made from natural palm leaf fibers are strong enough to hold complete meals without buckling, bending, or splitting into a mess on your guests' laps. They are naturally beautiful and 100 percent sustainable. The natural fibers can be tossed into the compost bin and decompose over 90 days as long as they are free of food residue. At the very least, they decompose in the landfills and return to the soil.

Palm leaves are majestic trees that naturally shed leaves throughout the year. The leaves are collected, sterilized, and molded into all kinds of shapes and sizes of plates, bowls, and tools. Palm dishes are free of dyes or toxins, and they are heat and leak-resistant. You can even use them to reheat food in the microwave!

In my experience, the plates and bowls made of these biodegradable fibers work great for steaks, burgers, and even pasta. I've avoided using them with soups and stews. Ultimately I avoid using these for liquid foods. I worry the added liquid would break down the materials quickly and may result in leaks.

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