low-voltage wall wash floodlight

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Best Outdoor Wall Wash Flood Light

My favorite wall wash floodlights cast a wide, soft glow that often lights a house or landscape. This light casts a large, gentle circle of light. It is perfect for illuminating the front of the house, a large entertainment area, or, in my case, the landscape adjacent to my pool deck. The lighting highlights the tree line at night but spills over onto the deck to help guests navigate the area.

Solar lights are great for areas with enough sunshine to keep the batteries charged. But in my experience, solar lights have a short lifespan before the cells or charging mechanisms fail. I wanted to use low-voltage lighting in most areas because my neighborhood's tree canopy blocks most of the sunshine for charging solar lights. I like the most extended life I can get out of this project. I expect low-voltage wiring and lights to last at least ten years unless damaged by trimmers or edging equipment. In my post about installing low-voltage lighting, I'll show you the best ways to avoid that possibility.

Low-voltage lighting doesn't require an electrician or a professional installer. I recommend hiring a professional if your design requires running wires under decks, driveways, and sidewalks.

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