The Bee House

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A Bee House for More Flowers

A bee house is one way to increase your pollinator population and naturally improve your garden. I never saw "bee houses" growing up. It makes sense since these bees typically build their hives in walls, dead trees, and other protected areas.

The Mason Bee House is made of natural charred pine and mounts to any flat surface. Bees are naturally attracted to the charred smell.

Mason Bees fall into the genus Osmia bees. They are super pollinators, and their population is severely declining in the United States. There are 139 species in North America and at least 5 in Florida. They are solitary bees that produce neither honey nor beeswax. Every sibling gets a room in the Mason Bee house. Pollinating bees typically nest in narrow gaps and cavities. They get the Mason name from the natural wood and mud used to construct their nests.

This American-made bee house gets excellent reviews on Amazon. Most people indicate that insects quickly set up home. Interlocking panels separate each room. Remove the panels once a year for cleaning, and the Bee House is ready for Spring.

Mason bees are not aggressive or destructive. They don't bore holes. They only nest in existing holes and spaces. Observing the house is safe for kids of all ages.

Growing a Mason Bee population is beneficial in any garden. A single bee may visit up to 2,400 flowers each day. They are 30-60 times more efficient at pollinating than honey bees.

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